Missed me?

I've been naughty, and haven't updated in some time. Spank me (or don't).

Since I last updated, I got promoted. I pulled the absolutely worst schedule at work (think Thursday to Monday), so I couldn't visit my family for Christmas. Thankfully, I was able to go visit them the week before. I had Christmas day itself off, so I went with stylizedboredom to spend the day at her house. I got a few books I wanted and some new games, as well as the inevitable clothes. stylizedboredom really liked the Chanel Coco I gave her for her birthday.

The real reason I probably haven't been posting as much is Warcraft. I've gotten my mage to level 60, first off. I really need to play more Battlegrounds and end-game 5-man groups with him, but my server sucks for PVP, and the new bug with Polymorph has made it hard to get into dungeon groups. I'm in a pretty elite guild and will be going to Molten Core with them once I've gotten some better gear. I also started another alt, an undead warlock. stylizedboredom's brother W. decided to stop playing, and he gave my new toon a lot of rare gems and gold. As if that isn't nice enough, some random orc in Rachet gave me 200 gold as he was quitting the game. The warlock is level 19 now, and I'm thinking with all the money he's got that I might as well take him to a high level as well. The play style of warlocks is quite different from mages, and in many ways requires more strategy, which I like. Plus, I really like soloing, and the only thing to do solo at 60 is reputation grind, which is really boring. I'll probably put some new pictures up soon as well.

Lots more news going on right now, might post on it later, but I'm not sure how much certain people want me to say right now.

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I have a real job

Fuckin' A. A contractor no longer. Real benefits. A raise. And all because my boss's boss thinks I'm the shit, all without any undue influence on my part. Perhaps the universe has answered one of my sigils?

It's odd that stability is a change of pace. Chaos in order.


New WOW pics

I promised earlier more pictures to match my World of Warcraft obsession, so here they are.

First up is my level 52 Night Elf rogue, Logerias

Now, my alt, a level 17 Gnome mage, Quintessent

Aren't gnomes just the cutest little people ever!

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World of Warcraft + full time job = zero life

WOW has really been taking up a lot of my time lately. My primary is a level 52 Night Elf rogue, and getting him to level requires a lot of grinding and a ton of time traveling between various locations. I've also been working on my alt, a level 11 Gnome mage. Playing as a mage has confirmed what many others have said: they are quite powerful. I'm not sure they are as over-powered as some people think, especially since they get mauled if an enemy gets close.

I'm such a nerd.

EDIT 8/5: I've decided on going for a Fire/Arcane build for my mage, which will nicely complement my crit rogue. Pictures of both characters coming soon.

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Thinking about books


Created by xoashleigh and taken 10 times on bzoink!

You like to read?Would I answer this if I didn't?
What's your favorite book?Either The Illuminatus! Trilogy or Valis
What's the last book you read?Swamp Thing: Love and Death (though I'm not sure if that counts)
What are you reading now?Do What Thou Wilt: a Life of Aleister Crowley by Lawrence Sutin
Any genres of books you HATE?Romance, westerns, and most mystery
What was you favorite book as a child?The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper
What are you thinking of reading next?Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck

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Nothing much to report, so here's another damn quiz

Your connection with darkness is because of your
interest in magic. You like spells, herbs,
maybe even voodoo-dolls. You like it very much,
and probably even have books or found
Internet-sites where magic is the topic. You
probably mean no harm with this, well perhaps
to some. Most people who are aware of your
interest mistakes you for a Satan-worshipper.
You're missunderstood, but have your friends.
You probably are a wiccan or something related
and are interested in mother nature, souls and
spirits. You prefer the forrest(or park) before
the city. Remember, all can't always

What is your connection with darkness? (pics)
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Your wise quote is: "Fashion is a
form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to
alter it every six months" by Oscar
Wilde.You are a very sarcastic person with a
sharp tongue. You may not be the one always
talking, but your mind is nevertheless
critizing. You tend to have a cynical view on
life itself and be somewhat withdrawn with who
you really are. Society now is in your eyes
corrupted and you wonder how the world will
survive. And people are in your mind very
ignorant and blind to the reality.

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Thursday June 23 - proving 23 skidoo

So, Thursday started somewhat normally. The moving company came by and picked all our furniture up. I had some minor pain in my stomach, but I chalked it up to lack of food and went on my way to work. Eating did not seem to improve things. Around noon I'm in a mentoring meeting and things start to feel worse. It gets harder and harder to sit up. At one I leave for the rest of the day. I promptly go to lay down, but the pain keeps getting worse. So I wander around my new place and watch a cable guy install digital cable and phone. I drink some Pepto, but I immediately throw it up. stylizedboredom calls my mom at six, and says I should go to an urgent care center. I go there and waiting for what seems like forever, while the pain keeps getting more and more intense. The doc at the care center says it might be a stomach bug, but thinks it's probably something with my appendix. So we go to the ER. Sure enough, I need immediate emergency surgery to remove my appendix, a completely useless organ. The doctors give me some morphine, then take me to an OR. The surgery took less than an hour. They even provided photos to prove they actually removed something. Apparently, much longer without surgery and my appendix would have ruptured, putting me on my back for a week or so. But I only had to spend one night in the hospital and my surgeon sent me home with Vicoden and told me to relax for a few days. So that's what I'm doing.

In the space of one day, it seems I have a) moved into a new place, b) acquired 300 channels and unlimited long distance, and c) had surgery on a part of my body that I hadn't even thought of before.

Fuck, I'm glad I opted for health insurance.